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Safeguard Systems was founded by Nate Wenograd more than twenty years ago. Our mission is to be the best. The very best fire extinguisher service  and training company. Even though we have expanded into other areas, we have done everything possible to distinguish ourselves in this field. We provide our accounts with extinguisher training and service excellence at a VERY competitive price.

Major local and national banking and retail chains, hospitals, universities as well as facility management companies have chosen us because we give you control and understanding that was never before possible. 

Service vehicles guided by satellites, bar coding you can read without a reader, reports that tell your service needs for the next twelve years. Masters Training that strives to provide you and your people with a virtual onsite training experience! Our service reps are trained in your special needs as a banking, medical, educational, property or retail goods provider. 

"Our difference lies in using technology to provide the best service at the best price"

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