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Bank Group and Masters Training

  1. Our Bank Group™ was formed in 1993 to serve the special needs of banking.
  2. Back then it was Halon 1211 extinguishers for ATM rooms and extinguishers light enough for tellers.
  3. Today it is training for seven day, split shifts with high turnover realities.
  4. Masters Training™ is our solution to bank training in the twenty-first century.
  5. Our virtual on-sight, interactive CD-ROM based instruction has done for training what EzTrak™ did for tracking.

Client Banks

We are proud to specialize in delivering the best training and service to our banking clients. It’s a commitment we will always be proud of.

Citizen Bank (Originally Mellon, then Citizen, now serviced through Suburban Companies), Wachovia Bank (originally Fidelity, then First Fidelity, now through Wachovia Bank), PNC bank, Sovereign Bank, United Bank, The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, The Federal Reserve Bank of Wayne as well as Sun Branches. In total we service almost 600 bank branches. Each location receives a detailed report on extinguisher locations and upcoming service maintenance.  


Clients that have achieved notoriety and are therefore recognizable include:

Drexel University, Drexel School of Medicine, Community College of Philadelphia, Community College of Camden, Philadelphia University, Princeton Institute of Advanced Study (where Albert Einstein spent his last years teaching), Pierce College, Westminster Theological as well as Curtis School of Music.

Macys, Boscov’s Department Stores,  Mellon Bank Center (under REIT), Mellon Independence Center. We serviced Channel, Rickel and Hechinger nationally when they were operating.


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