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Home fire safety. From Safeguard comes solutions to a long overlooked problem.  Most people do not know if their home extinguishers will work properly - if at all! They are hidden from view, a violation in the business world, and in the event of fire locating them will be difficult if not impossible - it may not be you standing there when fire breaks out! The fridge Fire Extinguisher Location magnet as well as the optional mini CDROM and DVD/TV are great promotional products and gifts that people really need and want. Resale and promotional versions available.

 Just having a fire extinguisher isnít enough.
   You need to know:

  • Where is it (out of sight) - can others find it instantly?
  • Will mine work?  How to know if itís still good?
  • Where can I get it serviced - should I?
  • How do I - should I use it or just evacuate now?
  • Is it the right kind and much, much more

 Most people have no idea how to answer these questions and knowing can
literally save your life, and your families!

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