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Masters Training - for Fire & Life Safety / Facility Management

  1. Our Bank Group specializes in Masters Training tailored exclusively for banks.
  2. EzTrak™ smart label bar coding revolutionizes extinguisher tracking / reporting. 
  3. Reports that track location, type and even service needs for the next 12 years!  
  4. Vehicles are @Road satellite dispatched - redefining superior & fast service.
  5. We use technology to bring training and fire protection into the 21st century
  6. Masters Training, Fire & Life Safety training - content controlled by you!

Masters Training - Virtual Onsite instruction

Your own virtual personal trainer!


Fire Extinguisher Service & Sales

Auditing, read it 
without a reader!


Friendly code

Fire & Life Safety / Facility Mgt.

Controlled Training


The basics

EzTrak tracking system


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