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Evolution of unique EZ Trak System -  UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    Companies put numbers on both the extinguishers and their location.
    These numbers corresponded to a map location of all fire extinguishers
    Numbering was step one. Poor maintenance was its downfall.
    Dumb labels (Cannot read without a reader) held detailed location data.
    Building, floor, sequential number in area could only be "seen" with a reader.
    Useless to personnel who need to know without scanning. Downfall is dumb label.
  • NOW! Safeguards' EZ Trak System
    Smart bar code you read without a reader! Includes sequential numbering! Your reports summarize it all!. 

    This free tracking system has been installed nationally. Your new EZ reports begin their value by enabling you to predict service for 12 years!!


EZ Trak System parts


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